NSW Formula/Windfoil

Organised by Windsurfing NSW

The 2019/20 formula/windfoil series is the third time in NSW that the formula class combines racing with the up and coming windfoil class. With a growing buzz about windfoiling in the windsurfing community and it’s potential to be the next Olympic class it is now time to get involved in this series. Windsurfing NSW has organised five one day events over the season starting in October on Lake Illawarra and travelling to Lake Macquarie and Botany Bay. Have a look at the WNSW calendar for the dates.

Key series information is;

  • No gear restriction for windfoils and normal class rules for formula
  • Formula & Windfoil race together
  • Normal courses are windward/return
  • Free Formula & Free Windfoil divisions race a single lap. These divisions are particularly good for competitors new to racing.
  • Open Formula & Open Windfoil divisions generally race 2 laps
  • Each regatta has a maximum of 5 races
  • Each race has the same scoring weight across the series


Glen Morrell for Windfoil : glen.morrell@gmail.com

Murray Towndrow for Formula : murray_towndrow@hotmail.com