It’s that time of year again and we need you to sign up to one or more of the series and confirm your membership for the exciting 2020-2021 season.

Membership to Windsurfing NSW is available through our network of affiliated clubs. To check that your membership details have been supplied and you are covered by the association’s Third Party Public Liability Insurance you can check for your name in our membership register. To see if we have you cross referenced correctly you can also check the Australian Windsurfing Association register.

The season is over now but before next season comes around there is the Green Island Slalom / GPS Nationals.

Green Island Nationals Poster

Raceboard Series 2020-21


Youth $, Adults $.

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NSW Windfoil & Wingfoil Series 2020-21

$ for 6 events of the series, or $ for single events.

  • Rnd 1 – Lake Illawarra, Oct 10 2020
  • Rnd 2 – Lake Macquarie, Oct 31 2020
  • Rnd 3 – Botany Bay, Nov 21 2020
  • Rnd 4 – Lake Macquarie, Jan 16 2021
  • Rnd 5 – Kurnell, Feb 14 2021 (Sunday)
  • Rnd 6 – Lake Illawarra, Mar 6 2021

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Join The GPS Series 2020-21