Racing starts on Wednesday 2nd February. Check out all the action when the world’s best formula windsurfers converge on beautiful Hawks Nest to do battle over 4 days of fantastic racing. All the action can be found here on the Official Website.

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  • Uncle Bruce says:

    I vote Tam for Prime Minister. If she can get that tent air conditioned for next year then she can be queen of the world.

    And why did the start boat have an “RC” flag? Who cares what religion they are.

    And since we no longer race in light winds (every light wind race was canned), why was the last race not canned? Was quite windy most of the way but through a quirk of the wind most appeared to fall off the plane at the bottom mark on last lap, does that not qualify for canning or is it only when the light guys are advantaged that the off the plane rule applies?

  • Think we changed the way of thinking on light wind races based on all the complaints from last event’s light wind races? Can’t win.

    The RC is supposed to stand for Race Committee; to differentiate from the media boat. Although, I found it easier to differentiate by recognising that the media boat was the one with the media crew on it and the RC boat was the one with Nick on it at the startline ;-)