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NSW Windsurfing Series – Heat 4

By January 13, 2011September 25th, 202016 Comments

20knots a for a week before, 20knots a week after, NOTHING in the middle. Very tough organising a windsurfing event when the weather is not playing cricket. Still great to see so many new faces joining in the Formula circus. Check out the results below with our Danish friend Jesper Vesterstrom winning Sunday’s race.

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  • koz says:

    I wanna watch this game.
    What time will it start??
    And its on both saturday and sunday right?

  • Brett Morris says:

    Racing Both days. Racing is scheduled to start at 11am, but judging by the forecast, the light winds will only arrive in the afternoon.

    Formula Windsurfing needs a minimum of 7knots before we are allowed to start a race, so we may have some beach time while we are in a holding patten?

    See you there…cheers

  • koz says:

    Ill be there on Sunday then.
    Thank you, Brett.


  • Rick Murray says:

    Well, if we are going to count races in those conditions I will have to give up Formula Windsurfing or loose 20 kilos !

  • Brett Morris says:

    Yeah, it was not our proudest weekend. We have had an amazing record over the years of making smart decisions from a race management point of view, but all our luck ran out during this event. Seems like everything we tried turned around to bite us.
    the only positives from the weekend was all the new faces, and that we will be strictly following the minimum wind limits and I mean strictly. One has to remember that the reason FW exists in the first place is that nobody wanted to go sailing in sub planing conditions.

  • Bruce Healey says:


    Keep those kilos, every one of them is a little jewel, or to rip off you know who;

    “Every little kilo is sacred,
    If even one is wasted,
    Uncle Bruce gets most upset”

    Which movie is that stolen from Ricardo, I bet you know.

  • Tiberio says:

    Of course there is a minimum windstrength but I just think that if there are a few people (like 12 out of 19)who can get around the course and I can not then perhaps I am doing something wrong! There is equipment available today like big sails and special fins that would get you going but of course you still have to work as well for the money!

  • Bruce Healey says:

    Better a light race than no result at all. You heavy guys have a ball when it strong wind so don’t whinge when it suits the lightweights.

  • Rick Murray says:

    I think it is about planning around a course not floating around a course. If 5 people are planning out of 19 it is hardly a race is it when the remaining 7 drift around the course.
    I thought there was a rule that if half the fleet was not planning the race was canceled.

  • Brett Morris says:

    The bottom line is we have rules/limits to protect the quality of the racing which we need to follow.
    The pressure to get a result in for the weekend is always there, as it is never nice to have a no result for an event, but we still need to protect the integrity of the class by ad-hearing to the rules.
    Touch wood, we will not have such extreme conditions to deal with any time soon.

  • Remi says:

    Planning… hmmm anyone was planning on sunday afternoon apart from top 3?

    A shame the first start was scheduled at 1pm as some of us had a good sail in the morning from 9am…

  • Bruce Healey says:

    You blokes will have to become kiters if you don’t learn to spell. I planned my way round the course, I was coming first all the way in my plans. It was planing that was the problem.

  • barry says:

    Thats how you spell planing in french you dummy brucie . I only had a 10m and except for a couple of minutes at the start planed all the way around the course maybe there is a bit more to sailing than just pointing your board in one direction When its really windy the people that cant get around dont cry and bitch If you dont want to sail go home and mow the lawn

  • Rick Murray says:

    we expect that from you Barry….its all about me. I plained around most of the first lap and decide to pull out half way up the second lap with Murray and Wayne when the wind really died. I was in 8th place.
    Where does it end. 3 races counted as a regatta now its 1 race, whats next who can rig their gear the fastest wins.
    In those conditions why cant we just have a race just for fun and have it not count towards the series. And Barry how long have you been windsurfing? ( 35 years ), is 2 laps too hard for you to manage with your light weight.

  • JohnH says:

    Settle down gents.  Yes, we had a poor event and the wind didn’t play ball.
    Was postponing the first race on Sunday the right decision?  Nope, but only in hindsight!  At 3pm Sat neither BOM nor Seabreeze were predicting early wind.  Neither did anyone at the beach predict wind at 9am!!  Starting at 9am was never in scope anyway so why mention it?
    Once we made a decision to delay the first start was an effort to ensure we weren’t sitting around all morning looking at a millpond.  And once the decision was made we could not bring that forward as that would be unfair to anyone who planned on getting to the event for 12pm!  No one was disadvantaged by the decision either way.
    WRT the race, the NOR says racing in 7kts and above.  I believe we had 7kts, and both Seabreeze and BOM observations agreed!!  Note that we do not race under Championship Rules.  7kts is the only windspeed of importance.
    Finally, we have used 1 race to count for many years (at least 3) and it has never been an issue before.  If we need more then 1 race we will be under more pressure to sail in marginal conditions, not less!

    The weekend was not the best, but every decision was the right one at the time it was made.  Every decision was made with the best interest of the participants in mind.  What extra could we have done?

  • Bruce Healey says:

    El Presidente,

    as an Irishman, it is your place to be an opportunity for humour, not to speak words of wisdom such as these. With this attitude Irish jokes will die out. How will this wonderful spat continue in the face of such common sensical throwing of oil upon troubled waters.

    And Ricardo, you have no excuse for such appalling spelling, you are not french. You have had 2 chances, go & buy a dictionary, then spell out loud 100 times, “PLANING” & then “PLANED” unless it is your plain planning to be considered a non-planing ignoramus for ever.

    Barry, I never knew you knew as much about French as you do about spelling.

    For the record, Rick, Wayne & Murray were all well ahead of me when they pulled out but I kept going & PLANED most of the second lap. Well done guys, a good decision, keep it up.