The Final race weekend of the season is almost here. Lake Macquarie-VALENTINE IS THE LOCATION.

Saturday 5th March will count towards the overall results with Prize giving straight after racing at the glamor Lake Macquarie Yacht Club remember everyone is welcome including kids.

Sunday will be a special marathon race.

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  • Uncle Bruce says:

    Why is the maximum score shown for slalom in the overall results “14” when the round score says it would be 19? Even if you exclude FE+ it would be about 18. Is this an error or am I missing something as usual.

    Heat 6 was a good warmup for the real action on Sunday. The marathon was great, should do it again. The lightish winds, say 10-12knots & the need to chart your way round the island & stay in wind up the channel made for very close racing, lots of changing positions. Lets see the results, I want the blokes I beat to be publicly named & shamed (Yes Muzza & Rick, that includes you).

  • barry says:

    Brucie what a ridiculous statement to suggest that we should have to use our brain as well as our wallet this will lead to anarcy . Shame it was cloudy on a sunny day that is one of the nicest places. would love to had a go pro to see Chris flying into the lee of the island at terminal velocity to dead calm and go in backwards PRICELESS

  • Uncle Bruce says:

    Here are the words from the Notice of Series about scoring DNCs;
    “DID NOT FINISH (DNF) n + 1

    So 16 open fleets entrants should mean max score of 18 for the DNCs & 17 for DNFs

    Also noticed Remi is scored 4 for slalom in overall but actually got 18 in the slalom results. The 4 was his FW result.

  • Uncle Bruce says:

    Noticed that Remi is scored 4 for slalom in the overall. 4 was his FW result, he got 18 in slalom. Sorry Remi.

    And Steve Flyd is scored 13 for slalom when should be 4. Stopping now my head is spinning with all these numbers.

  • Brett Morris says:

    Good spot. Remi and Steve slalom result need to be reversed.
    The reason there is a total of 14 points for the Open slalom result is so the FE+ did not influence the combined total open results.

  • Uncle Bruce says:

    The slalom results have been removed from the overall. Why? They were there before.

  • Uncle Bruce says:

    Well I can see what has been done when I open up the hidden columns in the spreadsheet. The slalom result, which originally was added at the end as a seperate round score, has been added into the round 1 result, thus reducing the impact of a slalom score. Means Rick, who was formerly going to hand back the G’masters trophy (accidentally presented to him at the presentation) to Tibor (& the mast prize too I suppose) will now get to keep it.

    When I read the Notice of Series it seems incorrect to do it this way. The original method with slalom series counting as one round score was what the rules required. If there had been 4 slalom events it would still have only had one score, fact that only one slalom round this year doesn’t change how it ought to be calculated even if it skewed the results a bit. In fact I think it has now been done the same way as last year, which caused so much angst because there were 3 slalom rounds so that this year they had changed it so that no matter how many slalom rounds there would be only one score & it would be added at the end as a seperate score.

    Others may disagree (the ones who did badly at slalom no doubt) but I think everyone can agree that it is pretty shabby when the results are published, corrected & then recalculated on a different basis. You do the series, calculate your position, work out who you have to beat & then the rules are changed after the finish.