Breaking News!

We will also have an entirely new event series on our calendar this season – open to all Course racing classes with some great new venues.

A new sponsor is on board and one hell of a trophy for the series winner!

Don’t worry, point scores will be calculated in individual windsurfer classes so a Wally may we’ll beat a foiler or Raceboard in series points so anyone can win if you participate and are willing to travel!

Bringing windsurfers together in the spirit of we all love windsurfing – share the love!

Discounts will be offered on entry fees for this additional Series for those who also enter our City Summer Windsurfer Series

There will be some Slalom racing, Learn to Windsurf and course racing at these events…

Exotic locales such as Illawarra, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie to name a few…

More news on this very soon…

Cheers everyone, welcome to the season and don’t forget to register with the Windsurfer Class Association for your membership and complimentary member kit.

Some great things are coming soon

Al Haynes